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Introducing The Children’s Tales by Evelyn & Bloom

With this year having taken a very strange and sad turn....we have tried to stay positive and driven here at Evelyn & Bloom, so much so that it has also become a year for change and making the most of ideas and the extra time we have had on our hands.  I have started developing a new idea that I am hoping will help encourage children's love of literacy. With the assistance of my sisters, I have begun to build a youtube channel where I make videos that encourage children to write stories by offering them opportunity to bring them to life through narration and illustration.

'The Tiger Returns' was written by Florence, aged nine at the time. Florence is a little girl I used to nanny for in the UK a few years ago.  Having enjoyed the classic tale 'The Tiger Returns,' Florence was inspired to write a follow on story where she images the life of Sophie when she grew up. Florence has kindly assisted me in materialising my idea by sending me her story and I could not have asked for a more wonderful introductory story to 'The Children's Tales' by Evelyn & Bloom.

Utilising the artist skills of my two sisters, Rachel and Claire and my experience of years of reading stories with children, I am looking forward to creating a vast variety of videos that help bring children's stories to life and inspire other children to engage their imaginations and write more.

If your child would like me to read their story, please feel free to subscribe and email their story to the team at Evelyn & Bloom..

I am very much looking forward to actualising and portraying their ideas.

Jo Kirby Director of Evelyn & Bloom.

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