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Evelyn & Bloom will provide you with an exceptional online nanny who has been trained in teaching English as a foreign language.

Following your children’s own interests and ideas, our Evelyn & Bloom Online Nannies utilise a carefully created plan to deliver educational and exciting entertainment for children as young as 3 years old. Our nannies are also able to provide English tuition for those children who want to improve their English skills.

Our comprehensively trained nannies all come with glowing references, police checks and TEFL training and will provide your children with activities in time slots of 25 or 40 minutes per booking ensuring that your children have a great time following their own interests while giving you some time to yourself.

Click here for example nanny sessions, click here for our terms & conditions or see below for our database of available nannies, their personal schedules and to book your first 40 minute session online.

If you would prefer to try a 25 minute session or have any other enquiries regarding our services, please email us at hello@evelynandbloom.com to discuss how we can help you.

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We have recently created an introductory English online course to showcase the lessons we provide. To sample your absolutely *FREE* sample lesson with downloadable activity sheets lick here.

Online education and exciting entertainment for children as young as three years old.

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Jo is the director of Evelyn & Bloom Ltd and has dedicated her life to working with children as a nanny, maternity nurse and teacher around the world.. She is now focused on working as an ESL teacher online, as well as continuing to provide all our excellent nannies both on and offline.

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