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Recently we have been creating some videos to help Nannies and Families understand some of the best practises to help become a more professional nanny.

Having read through many CV´s and worked with hundreds of nannies we have decided to create some content to help show what to do and what not to do in your career in childcare. We aim to help you become more professional in your role and provide tips on helping to form the best working relationships with children, parents and agents.


Click on the titles to watch our 5 top tips on:

* Writing Your Nanny CV

* Getting Started In Your Nanny Career

* Making Great First Impressions

* Nanny Bag Essentials

* Tips For Settling Babies

* Tips For Settling Young Children

* Negotiating Your Nanny Contract

We have included videos for Parents Too:

* Interviewing A Nanny

Click on the links to see each video or click here to see our full playlists including:

* The Children´s Online Nanny by Evelyn & Bloom

* The Children´s Tales By Evelyn & Bloom

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