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A day in the life of a holiday nanny In Mallorca


Working as a villa nanny In Mallorca

Here in Mallorca there is no end to the variety of the places I have worked over the summer – hotels, villas, apartments, and even for residents of Mallorca in their own homes. I have worked on my own, alongside parents, alongside other nannies, and even alongside housekeepers and cooks. Each family I worked with was lovely, and each situation I worked in was delightful in different ways.

This is a family I worked with multiple times over the two weeks of their holiday – looking after an adorable eighteen month old baby boy in the comfort and luxury of their own villa.

Whilst working with this family, I would be on the bus by 8:30am, with a book or some music by my side to last the journey from Palma to the town the family were staying in. Arriving at the bus stop at 9:30am, I made my way to the family's villa and arrived not long after – and with five children under the age of six staying in the villa – my arrival was never dull. Helping apply sun cream to wriggling (and now slippery) children; packing day bags and searching for that one vital missing item (that a small child has probably wandered off with and abandoned under a bed at an earlier point in the morning), it's all too soon that myself and the baby are waving parents and four children off at about 10am, for their day at the beach, in town or exploring the countryside, and getting ready for our own adventures at home.

Happy child with his nanny in Mallorca
Every day I would bring a bag with me from the “nanny toy box” - different things every day; including crayons, dinosaur matching games, finger puppets, books, musical instruments, and a firm favourite of a large hand puppet that received a new name with every family, but was called Bob with this family. Being on holiday, families often only have a small selection of books and toys for the children, and this can get repetitive fast, so bringing our own toys and games can really brighten up a morning.

Lunch is prepared and served at 12pm, or close to it – and could include anything from sandwiches to pasta to pizza, but always included at least three types of fruit or vegetables and a portion of dairy.

Child eating with his nanny in Mallorca

After lunch comes nap time – and the little boy was a wonderful napper who fell asleep within five minutes of putting him down in his cot, he would stay that way for hours if he could. Nap time is also my opportunity to clear up any mess left over from our morning activities, as well as wash baby's dishes from lunch – before sitting down to prepare and eat my own lunch.

By 2:30pm, baby was ready to wake and come downstairs once more and as the worst of the midday sun had passed, this was when we'd take advantage of the private swimming pool in the back garden. Even with the worst of the sun gone for the day, all the necessary steps still needed to be taken – sun cream, sun hat and a long sleeved swimming costume were all essential parts of keeping both me and baby safe from the August sun.

The next hour and a half would pass almost too easily and we would (finally) get out of the swimming pool and return to our usual clothes for almost exactly 4pm, at which point, the parents and older children would return from their own adventurous day out – with a few more freckles across their faces, and a few more stories to tell.

After giving a brief rundown of our days activities, and handing over with the parents, I would say my goodbyes for the day and make my way the the station where the bus left at precisely 4:30pm every day which would get me back to Palma for a very reasonable 5:30pm– and then the rest of the day was mine to do with as I wished. Often that meant returning home to freshen up and change out of my nanny clothes; before heading out once more – to explore the streets of Palma, or to visit a new beach, enjoy the sunset and the cooling of the air with a delicious pizza (that famously authentic Spanish cuisine), before going home and getting ready for the brand new and completely different day the next morning.

By Amelia Eaglesham who worked for us at Evelyn and Bloom for the summer of 2018.

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